River Garden Yoga Center is located in an historic brick building at 455 West 7th Street in St. Paul, next to Claddagh Cafe

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Jeffrey Austin, Director


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Street parking available on West 7th, Sturgis (east side of building), Douglas (behind building), Goodrich (west of building) and across from Studio on West 7th. For Lower Studio (Garden) Classes, please enter the studio through rear of building.

Guidelines for Attendance

Please wear comfortable, non-binding clothing to class. We work in bare feet. Come with an empty stomach and please omit perfume. Please do not bring cell phones, beepers and watches with alarms into the studio, as they are disruptive to the class. Arrive on time to class. You need the beginning transition time, and it disrupts the energy in the room to have students come late.

Due to sensitivity to chemicals experienced by some people using the studios, we ask all individuals coming to River Garden to refrain from using scented products and to choose fragrance-free items whenever possible so that everyone can participate in the programs offered here. 

class registration

Most classes are available for drop ins. To register for a class or for more information, please contact the specific teacher directly.

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teaching opportunities

We are seeking experienced teachers of all yogic, meditation and traditions interested in starting classes at RiverGarden Center. For more information, Please contact Jeffrey.